Sunday, 28 November 2010

All packed up - Boo

Seeing as we move into our new house this Wednesday I've had to pack up all my lovely new craft goodies into a boring old box.  I've been itching to try some Christmas stars as mentioned in a previous post but there is no time with all that is happening. As I've been packing up the flat I've seen things we've had for ages and thought "I could make this prettier!" Still, when we're settled I'll be let loose on the borrowed sewing machine from the in-law! Can't wait.

We had a break from packing on Friday (hubby had the day off) and we went to the Hopetoun House Christmas Market. I was a little disappointed as now I have the attitude "I can make that" to a lot of pretty goodies on sale. Still, we managed to buy a lovely wee chalkboard which we'll put up in the new kitchen.

Righto, I'll have my last nosey at other gorgeous blogs before the computer gets packed away too. (Sob sob)

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  1. Hi I've just visited you via a comment you left on another blog(can't remember which one) I am very impressed by your creativity! I love the Christmas stockings and your sweet little tortoise things. I imagine that your move may have been disrupted somewhat by the weather. I hope you still managed it. We live by the sea in Dorset. We haven't had any snow really yet but the children(17 and15)and my husband who's a teacher are all really hopeful that we'll get some tonight! By the way you are now on my list of favourites. With love Penny L xx