Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Slow and steady

Side 1
In between looking after the teething monster and packing up the house for the move in two weeks I find calm in sitting down and sewing little what-nots. This week the postman bought me stuffing (hooray!) so I can finally stop using all my cotton wool balls from the bathroom to fill my decorations with. I also got two of the Moda Charm Pack - Lollipop which I've been in love with for weeks now. My plan is (once I get better and more confident) is to attempt this project: Lollipop Quilt (Although I haven't got a clue what 'fusible webbing' means!) I think it's gorgeous... every charm pack I get makes me happy!

Side 2
With stuffing in hand I managed to finish my first baby cube (see right) but the end stitching is a bit wonky. Still, practice makes perfect... and my husband's cousin was good enough to have a baby girl the other week so my first baby cube will have an owner soon (with a note for the baby not to examine the stitching too closely).

I'm also making good progress on my friend's blue baby cube... I imagine once I get set up in the new house with a sewing machine these things will be a LOT quicker to make!

I managed to photograph my favourite xmas stocking (so far) too. I thought I'd sent it off to Mum and Dad before shooting it but hadn't sealed the package so grabbed it for a photo.
Santa stop here!
The things I get excited about now!

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