Monday, 22 November 2010

Have pins... need pincushion

Well, as mentioned in my previous post I decided to make a quick pincushion for my brand new pins (oh the joys of being a newbie.... everything is still all shiny!)
What fun jabbing him with my pins
Continuing with the tortoise theme (my hubby sat me down and explained the difference between a turtle and a tortoise) inspired by paper-and-string I came up with this little guy in no time. Pretty much identical to the tortoise on the felt box I made the other night... only this wee guy is smiling! He obviously enjoys being stabbed with my pins.

I've now started a new project of attempting a cushion cover... making it up as I go. (Instructions? What do I want instructions for?!) It's being made from some Moda charm packs (of course) and all hand sewn as I've still to get my mitts on my mother-in-law's sewing machine. Still, I need all the practice I can get on my stitches. Still wonky... but I'll improve one day.

In the mean time... look how pretty these are: stars by Emma
I'm definitely going to attempt some of those (although ten bucks they don't end up looking that pretty!)

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