Friday, 5 November 2010

Never 'felt' so good... (geddit)

I'm beyond excited.
My reindeer kit from paper-and-string arrived this morning (quick delivery!) It looks fab and I'm also pleased I purchased her bargain tiny buttons. Too cute.

My first felt project!
I've also completely spoiled myself by dragging the kid to Hobbycraft this morning where I purchased a ton of felt, ribbons, pins and a box to put all my projects in. And a bar of chocolate... but that didn't last long.

I want to attempt to make some small Christmas stocking decorations to send to my folks. The plan was to stitch all the grandkid's names on each of them, but I'll see how I progress. I don't want to get too ahead of myself and the reindeer project might take me ages! I hope to get a start on it tonight when the wee man goes to bed (I'm sure wine will help with most craft projects?)
My goodies!

Pink and yellow - new Christmas colours!

Seriously... I haven't been this excited about something for ages. What's taken me so long to do this? (Other than being a Mummy-zombie for the past 8 months that is).

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