Thursday, 27 October 2011

Another felt animal

I've spent the last two evenings avoiding all the rubbish on tv and making this wee toy instead. I got the inspiration from a link in Pinterest (addicted much!!!) and thought it would make a lovely gift for a new baby in Hong Kong, and would finally give me the opportunity to dive into the stash of wonderful ribbons my Mum bought with her when she visited in summer.

I'm definitely going to attempt more of these!

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Friday, 14 October 2011

Everyone needs a beer companion

Rascal - beer companion
I made this little guy last night for a friend. I was having a terrible time trying to bind the quilt in the last post that I gave up and decided to make something fun instead. I've named him Rascal... he looked after my beer and we chatted about life.

Shame I have to give him up for adoption.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Baby quilt #3 - nearly done

In a post a few months ago I was having a 'fabric dilemma'. I was a little stuck on this project because I didn't really like the fabric combination all together (it was a Moda charm pack and my first attempt at 'Disappearing Nines') and kept putting the project off.

After much scratching of the head I decided what the vibrant patterns needed was to be broken up with plain white material, to make it a little easier on the eye. So, my third baby quilt is nearly done (need to sew the binding and I'm going to attempt to machine bind it this time, seeing as my hand sewing is crap!)

Feast your eyes on the recovered project below:
The front

Thank goodness for the white!

Oooh... look at the fancy stripe!

Wish me luck on the binding (arghhhh)
My sewing night classes are brilliant and I'm learning loads. I did my first ever 'darts' last week (pretty badly, but still!) I'll take some photos this week when it starts looking more like a dress.