Friday, 28 September 2012

Baby Boy Owl Quilt

Another baby quilt blog! My good friend Helen had a wee baby boy (Ewan) two weeks ago and as the tradition goes I gave him a baby quilt as a gift. He was three weeks early (her first was seven weeks early so there is no mucking around to be done!) so he caught me off guard a little as I'd been planning on finishing the quilt when I was on maternity break (which is now... and yes, it's awesome). However, my first attempt was for a baby girl... thinking Helen was going to pop out a pink one! When I heard it was a boy I had to dive into my fabric stash and come up with something worthy of a strapping wee laddie. 

My owl fabric and matching patterns came to the rescue. I'd been saving this material for about a year, thinking it would make a good duvet cover or the likes. Turns out it makes a cracking baby quilt too... just when you need one!

I personally think the back is the highlight... I love those stripes!

Next baby will be MINE in two weeks - eek!!! (And no, no baby quilt yet. I'm going to see if it's a blue or a pink one first).