Sunday, 25 March 2012

Wedding quilt

We're just back from the glorious New Zealand... a whole month of travelling the North Island introducing our wee boy to his extended family and my friends. We were lucky enough to have my parents join us on the journey too, spending much loved grandparent time with the wee man.

One of the reasons we travelled to the other side of the world (other than see my family) was to go to a wedding. My hubby's brother decided that he'd like to collect himself a Kiwi wife too so the wedding was in the gorgeous Martinborough, where the bride grew up. It was a lovely wedding (once the weather sorted itself out) and we all had a wonderful time. The wee man wore his very first kilt!

Our wedding gift to the happy couple was a handmade quilt by me! I'd spent months working on this one... my first quilt which is larger than a baby quilt and NOT made from a charm pack. I LOVED working on this and miss it already, but know it's gone to a good home.

Below are photos I took before making my goodbyes to the wedding quilt. (It's amazing how attached you get to your crafts!)

Finishing the binding the night before the wedding!

Finished product, with the reception in the background

A quilt for the bottom of their bed, or to put over their laps in old age ;-)

Ta dah!