Saturday, 6 November 2010

Beginnings of a crafty Christmas

Totally and utterly bitten by the crafting bug now. I spent last night making my first reindeer from the paper-and-string kit and loved every minute of it. Sure the ribbon at the top is a bit wonky and I really should have got lighter brown thread for his face - but it's my first attempt and I LOVE HIM!
Rudolph... after a few whiskies

I woke up this morning wanting to get my hands stuck into the craftiness of it all again so I made my parents some felt gift tags to go on the presents I wrapped them last night. Now normally I'm the worst gift wrapper in the world (read 'worst' as 'laziest') and throw the gift into whatever paper I can find, plonk some tape on the ends and Bob's ya Uncle. However, due to this crafty-fever I spent about an hour wrapping these gifts last night and trying different ribbon ideas.

Santa would be proud 
The tags don't really go with the ribbons so I guess in future I need to work on my co-ordination of styles but I have to pop these in the post today so it's as good as it's going to get.

Hopefully, (if the wee man lets me), I'll try my hand at some more Christmas tree decorations today. And try and hunt down some reindeer-coloured cotton!

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