Tuesday, 23 November 2010

I have blisters


Working on this new pillow hurts. By not having a sewing machine (yet) I've been doing it all by hand which is great practice for me. However, I have a blister on my thumb and index finger from pushing the needle through a million times and it was throbbing last night. But look at how pretty the pillow is becoming!
Beauty is pain
I've learned some lessons from stitching this together so far.
1) I forgot that the squares of the charm pack aren't equal in length - hence my squares don't all line up
2) It definitely pays to iron as you go.
3) Wear plasters!

I'm tempted to wait till I get my hands on my M-in-law's sewing machine before finishing this. I don't think my fingers have room for more blisters! Plus, I need to learn how to insert a zip which make take a few lessons.

Oh the joys of learning a new hobby!

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