Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Training wheels are a bit wonky

Hmm... I need to tighten the bolts on my crafty training wheels a wee bit.  I've had loads of fun creating these Christmas stockings for my tree this year, and have sewn on some names to the top of some of them. My hand-sewing is a bit wonky to say the least but it's still early days I guess.
Bit wobbly, but Santa won't look too close
I watched how to do a 'blanket stitch' on You Tube which I attempted on a few stockings. Who would have thought learning a stitch would be fun?! In this past week I've also learned new words like: charm pack, brads and fat quarter. Whatta geek!

I received some gorgeous wooden painted buttons in the post today and also my first Moda Charm Pack. God knows what I'm going to do with them. I imagine for the next few weeks (until we move house) I'll just sit here and look at how pretty they are.

I have some questions for any 'pros' reading and wanting to help a newbie.
1 - Where on earth can I find small black 'brads' like the ones on the reindeer I made from the kit?
2 - What do you stuff your felt creations with?
3 - How can I make my stitches look better?


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