Saturday, 26 February 2011

I've cracked open the sewing machine!

Ok Ok so my birthday isn't until March 14th so my sewing machine shouldn't "officially" be open. But to tell you the truth, my hubby was slack at hiding it (we were using it as a barrier to stop the monkey climbing the stairs!) so I decided to open it and attempt my first sewing project. How exciting!

I have however, realised I'm crap at sewing and seriously need some lessons. It took me half an hour to wind a bobbin, thread the machine and find where everything goes. Then break the feed-cover-thingy-ma-bob. Nothing like a bit of superglue to start things off huh!

Check out how I've set up my work space:
I know you have workspace envy.
Oh yes. This is how a TRUE professional needs to work. The brand new shiny sewing machine is on top of a wooden chopping board, balancing on an unpacked cardboard box from the move, with the power cable draped over the sofa, plugged into the only socket the spare room has. Utter comfort. True sewing conditions I know you'll all want to replicate. 

I did manage to sew up this wee beauty I hand stitched months ago:

Thankfully the stitching on the outside looks OK and I'm fairly pleased with the end result. As long as you don't look too closely it's not a bad start. I just need my sister to have a baby girl so I can give it to her. Babies can't see too well in the first few weeks so my stitches will look fab to the bairn!

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