Sunday, 13 February 2011

So close, and yet...

I went and picked up my spanking new sewing machine today. So. Excited.
However, my hubby kidnapped it and is keeping it hostage until my birthday next month. Grr...

I'm dying to clear the kitchen table and set it all up and learn about what each button and knob does. It was the last machine in John Lewis hence the rush to get it today. Stupid husband making me wait.

Our household is ill again. The wee man has been struck with a tummy bug and hardly keeping anything down (and he's skinny enough as it is!). So sad seeing him miserable. But not as miserable as The Hubby who seems to have got it too. No way I'm changing HIS nappies though!

Whilst they're both asleep upstairs I have started on 'project stitch' - for the wee man's birthday. I want to make one of those cool hangings which has tiny bunting stitched on and his name and date on the bottom. This is my start:

Good thing we didn't name him Francois Gerald the Third.

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