Thursday, 3 February 2011

Busy wee bee

I'm finding this 'Working Mum' business to be a hard slog. It's certainly taking a long time for me to get my head around being back in the office (albeit for three days a week), organising the wee man, attempting to organise the house (fail!) and finding free time for me (major fail!). Hence I've not done one little bit of crafty-goodness for ages now and I'm dying to attack that fabric pile of mine.

Good news however is I've managed to persuade my charming family to donate to the 'sewing machine birthday fund' so I'll be getting my shiny new plaything next month. Bring it on! I just need to figure out which packing box it can live on until we get all the decorating done. Oh to have a wonderful work space like I see on a lot of other clever blogs. One day huh.

Today's dream is to be able to make something this cute:
Although if I can learn how to make a baby version I can definitely learn how to make a grown up version. Why should the wee man be the only one with funky jammies to sleep in!

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