Monday, 10 January 2011

Fabulous fabric

Hooray - I've finally managed to take photos of all the lovely fabric I'm now the proud owner of! Even though I'm still minus a sewing machine I go and look at these little beauties every night and try and dream up what to make out of them.

Have a looksie...
The stash my hubby gave me at Christmas

The dark blue one is my favourite 

Cute with a capital Q! Lots of lovely Japanese dolls to play with
I love this combination I bought from M is for Make.
All suggestions gratefully accepted! All I keep thinking of is pillows pillows pillows because that seems like the easy option but a girl can only surround herself with so many pillows.


  1. Hi Have you tried looking on the Sew,mama,sew! Blog for inspiration? They have lots of ideas and really clear instructions for things.I've made little fabric baskets for putting odds and ends in and I think I found the pattern on there. They are very easy ! Also little tote bags and draw string bags. They are all lovely fabrics. I particularly like the ones in the last photo ,but pillows are great anyway!!
    Love Penny L xx

  2. Thanks Penny - I'll go have a looksie. I'm finding it tough at the moment to get time to myself to sit and craft anything (back at work, son has nursery germs galore!)
    I appreciate your help. X