Tuesday, 4 January 2011

A new year beckons

After a pretty crappy Christmas (poor wee man had a fever and was miserable bless him) I'm all ready for new adventures in the world of sewing! This year I am going to become a real sewer... and to show my commitment to the crafting world, I've even picked the sewing machine I'll be buying soon.
Singer 4220 - soon to be mine!
So exciting. And even more exciting is I received two new sewing books for Christmas plus my lovely hubby went out and bought me lots of snippets of fabric. I just need to figure out what to do with them. I guess that's where the books come in handy. 

My first projects will be to finish the patchwork cushion I hand sewed together. The delay in finishing has been I haven't a scooby how to put a zip in, and I've also been waiting for my new sewing machine. The other project will be to make a cushion out of the gorgeous scarf I found at a charity shop. All simple projects, but I know not to get ahead of myself thesedays. With the wee man under foot there isn't much time to do anything advanced... not that I'm at that stage yet. 

Tomorrow I move into the category of 'Working Mum' - maternity leave is officially over (boo) and I head back to the office for three days a week. Logan's first full day of nursery is tomorrow so no doubt there will be tears from me. Speaking of the wee man... a waft of his nappy just hit me so I'll sign off.

Happy New Year. 

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