Monday, 7 March 2011

Skiwi's 1st Birthday Cake

This post is not 'sewing' related, but creative nonetheless.  My wee boy turns one tomorrow and we've just spent a lovely weekend up at Loch Tay with six other babies and their parents. Wicked fun, but I've never been so exhausted. Actually, that's a lie. This time last year I was into my third day of labour. That definitely takes the cake. 

Speaking of cake.... (nice link huh!) I made Logan's birthday cake for his party on Saturday. It was Waybuloo themed (a CBeebies children's programme that he looooooves) and as I'm normally a pretty crap baker I was ultra chuffed with the results. 
The Piplings have a new home!

Nok Tok and Yo Jo Jo chill-axing
De Li and Lau Lau on a sugar high.

Logan had a brilliant time away with his friends, and the Mummies and Daddies indulged in a little too much celebration wine. As you do.

One Happy Camper!

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