Monday, 14 March 2011

Birthday goodies!

Hey shorty... it's my birthday! Good grief, 35 years young. I've already had my first comment about "Being close to 40!" which I pretended to laugh at... then proceeded to clench my fists!

I can now 'officially' use my sewing machine as of today. Hooray! Shame I had to put it back in its box last week due to renovating the house. My birthday pressies this morning consisted mainly of donations towards my new toy... plus I also got some pinking shears (yay), button box and a tape measure. Double hooray! I'm itching to set up the spare room and make it my lair.

Last night I started handsewing another baby block as a friend is having a wee baby boy today (coming out the sunroof). I figured a baby block was a safe option seeing as I'm still wobbly on the sewing front.

I need a tutor!

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