Saturday, 18 December 2010

Homemade Christmas

It's a good thing I started making Christmas decorations as we haven't a clue where we packed the real decorations during the move. It looks a little amateurish (new word!) but kind of sweet. Below are some photos. I've attempted threading popcorn together to replace our missing lights and tinsel. 
One of my first stockings

From Paper-and-string's Reindeer kit

I've probably overkilled it on the stocking front

I managed to get a few hours to myself this week and hit the charity shops in search of cheap fabric. I found a gorgeous scarf which I'll attempt to make into a cushion. I also bought a pink zip for the patchwork cushion cover I made the other week. Will need to Google how to sew a zip in! This is where I need my Mum living in the same city/country/hemisphere so she can teach me. 
Too cute to stick pins into!
My latest projects have been some cute bunting (just waiting to get the bunting tape to put it all together). Nothing like an easy project like that to get the confidence up! I also made a new pin cushion which I might give to my sister as a bonus present as she's started cross stitching. Creative bunch!

Practice practice practice...

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