Friday, 16 September 2011

Cushions and class

I've learned many things these past few weeks from the World of Sewing! I attended my first Dressmaking for Beginners class on Wednesday and discovered how to read patterns and other general 'beginner' basics. I need to hit the fabric shop this weekend to find a pattern for a dress I'm to make on the course and get some material. I'm both terrified and excited at the same time!

The other lesson has been more 'hands on'. As I've mentioned in previous posts, my sister requested some cushion covers which I've nearly now completed. But not without some mishaps!

Rule 1: make sure you have the fabric the right side around before sewing together.

Rule 2: don't make the covers the same size as the measurements given. What you get is saggy cushions!

Rule 3: don't use pale yellow thread on a mint colored cushion.

Rule 4: never sew when you're tired. Ever.

I have one more cover to re-work tomorrow then I'll be concentrating my efforts to my course project. Eek... Making a dress!

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